Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Screen Free Time

My kids in TV land
Yesterday was our screen-free day.  As part of R’s homework, he has a little something to do each weekday that lets us in on what his class is working on in school.  This month in health they are learning about physical activity.  As an example of this, yesterday was scheduled to be a screen-free day so R could not watch TV, play video games, or interact in any way with digital devices.  In order to show our support, Hubby and I decided we would have a screen-free day right along with him.

Sam kids, same year - No TV
I did not realize how reliant I am on devices.  When I’m working, I use a computer.  I schedule all my activities and events on my smart phone.  I listen to satellite radio when I work out and I even listen to audiobooks while I clean.  It was a very difficult day and although I managed to be device-free while R was home, I failed during the day.  Yesterday was cleaning day so I spent my time cleaning the house and doing laundry but I did take a break to look and respond to emails and I did listen to my audiobook while I cleaned.

Although I failed during the day, R and I did have some great one-on-one time.  We read books together, we played cards, and we played Lego.  I foresee more screen-free evenings in our future.  It was good to connect with each other and imagine together.

Have you had a screen-free day?  How did you do?  What would you change?

Take Care, D


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