Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Traditions

Most families have Christmas and Thanksgiving traditions, and we have those too, but we also have Halloween traditions.  Halloween is my favorite almost-holiday and so I make it special for myself by making a big deal with my family.  The kids love it too so it’s great to share this with them.  Hubby…not so much, but he would never rain on my parade.  In fact, he was willing to suck-it-up and dress up for a Monster Reunion Murder Mystery being put on by a friend.  But I digress.
Our traditions aren’t monstrous ordeals but they are a little special thing for us.  We decorate the house sometime after Thanksgiving and always try to “Boo” the neighbors in the week preceding Halloween.  “Boo”-ing the neighbors is a lot of fun where we create a little gift or gift bag of Halloween fun and leave it on the doorstep of our neighbor’s house.  Included in the gift is a note letting them know they’ve been “Boo”-ed and how to “Boo” the next person of their choice.  Soon everyone in the neighborhood has had the experience and no one knows who’s done it.  Once we’ve left it on the doorstep, we ring the bell and run like heck so they don’t see who’s done it.  I think that’s the most fun for the kids.
Carving Pumpkins is next.  We usually carve a pumpkin the weekend before Halloween since it is usually cold here by then and possibly snowing so our pumpkin will wither a little on the step and freeze there.  The pumpkins are usually only lit on Halloween night.
On Halloween night, we usually have something gross for supper.  We’ve had snakes (manicotti), worms (spinach fettuccini), bat wings (chicken wings), and so many others.  We eat by candle light and discuss the night ahead.  We eat early so the trick-or-treating fun can begin.  Grandma then comes up to handle the door while we set out for our costumed adventure.  C has been going out with a group of friends for the last couple years and they are drilled about staying together and NEVER entering anyone’s house.  She’s probably too old to be trick-or-treating but it is so much fun.  We love to marvel at the costumes and the different houses décor themes.  Then after a block or two, R’s usually had enough and is eager to get home with his loot.  I think part of the thrill for him is also to hand out the candy to other kids because whenever the doorbell rings – he races to the door to see what costumed children have arrived.
At this point, we are usually up to our eyeballs in candy, trying to sort what is and is not acceptable to eat.  This year, not only are we looking for suspect candy, but also for gluten.  This is going to be tough, since it’s R’s first gluten free Halloween.  Candy lists can be searched for on the internet and I will have my guide next to me as we go through the candy.  Luckily I will have a special stash set out for him that I know is gluten free so that he can enjoy some candy while patiently (hopefully) waiting for the rest of his candy to be checked.  Then the rest will go with Hubby to work for all of his co-workers who work night shift to enjoy.
What are some of your Halloween traditions?
Take Care, D
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