Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Volunteering – Today’s Rant

Hubby and I are a large part of R’s Scouting Group.  We want to be part of this great organization and want to contribute what we can to help further this organization and make scouting available to more youth in our area.  All of the time we spend is volunteered. 
My problem is all the parents who drop their children off at the meetings and want their children in the organization, but don’t want to help out.  It seems like it’s always the same people volunteering for everything.  I am grateful to those people and they do an amazing job but most of them are leaders and already have a huge time commitment and cannot do everything!  It is exhausting for those leaders and their families to volunteer for every event and fundraiser because of the lack of interest from the other parents. 
The organization cannot grow without volunteers and throwing money at the problem (which is the norm in various youth sports and organizations in the area in the form of a volunteer levy) isn’t the solution.  We have already had many of the past committee members and leaders not return because of the extreme time commitment.  So how do we make the parents care?  How do we enforce mandatory volunteering?  How is volunteering handled in your area?

Take Care, D


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