Thursday, August 30, 2012

Every Day Lessons - Dyke Building

Every day lessons are the best.  Don't you agree?

When I was a trainer we were often instructed that people learn best when information is presented to them in a manner which they learn as well as when that information is relevant to them.  When we're out playing, what could be more relevant than the activity we are doing and my son and I both learn best by doing - aka playing.

This week we were out playing on a beach and R was having a blast making a castle.  It was amazing how his imagination took him away and he wanted to provide a water source for the citizens in his keep.  He dug a hole and poured water into it.  It overflowed so he built a dyke to keep it in.  He was convinced that the hole would not hold enough water for his people.  He continued to build the dyke, reinforcing the sides which would breach when he tested it.  He learned about how much dryer sand vs. wet sand he would need to construct the strongest dyke for his pond.

This seems like just a fun time but honestly, this experiment he conducted, he enjoyed and will remember through to adulthood.  Though he doesn't know the science terms behind it all and all the specifics to be a professional, providing him with the experience to do this experiment in a fun way created a lesson he won't soon forget and he can apply this experiment to his future eduction and experiences.

What everyday learning have you done lately?  I'm always looking for more everyday learning to expose my children to, any ideas?


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