Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Super Duper, Epic-ly Awesome Summer School

Nice name, right?  Hubby said that Mommy Camp didn’t sound interesting enough and R keeps saying it’s not a camp because we aren’t camping.  So we amended the name.  This definitely sounds more interesting.

I think I’ve narrowed down some of the themes we’ll be doing.  A weekly theme seems to be just about right.  This gives us, at minimum, three activities for each theme.  I haven’t narrowed down the activities yet but now that the themes are in place, I think the activities will be easier.  I have the first four weeks set as a start.

Week 1:  Glut Program
I found my old workbook about Gluts from when I was in school.  This will be the first week in July which is Environmental week in our community.  I thought this would be a good fit.

Week 2:  Science Week
This is pretty broad but I found a few experiments that I wanted to try with R and they are different enough that I couldn’t put them into a more specific category.  This one may change yet.

Week 3: Economics
R is very motivated by money and he has been planning his lemonade stand all winter.  I thought I might expand this to cover a little more work on money and entrepreneurship.

Week 4: Pirate Week
This one is all me.  R loves pirates and I thought this might be a fun one to do.  I was thinking imagination play would be huge this week with various “hunts” and maybe some basic mapping skills.

As I’ve said before, this is all very flexible and I plan to do a full evaluation at the end of week 2.  It may work wonderfully, it may get blown out of the water.  We’ll see.  What kinds of themes are you exploring with your kids this summer?

Take Care, D

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