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Don't Forget These Tips Before Baby Gets Here!

Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Mother’s Day is such a special day to celebrate both our own mothers as well as the amazing blessings in our lives who give us the prestigious title of Mom.  In the last few months of my pregnancy, being "Mom" vs. "Bump Mom" became real and overwhelming.  I was so unsure of what I needed to do to prepare myself for baby’s arrival. 
Katie from Moore From Katie showed me this article she wrote for Pregnancy Awareness Month and I was so excited to show it to our "Bump Moms" for Mother’s Day.  In this article, Katie has some fantastic tips on preparing for baby's arrival and these tips may help your transition from "Bump Mom" to "Mom".  After reading Katie's tips, head on over to her blog where she’s celebrating Pregnancy Awareness Month with some other fantastic articles on pregnancy and your new addition to the family.

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Don't Forget These Tips Before Baby Gets Here!

Preparing for the birth of your baby can be an exciting, but stressful time. It is natural to want everything perfect for the arrival of your child. Here are some tips to help you get ready for the debut of your little one.

1. Get organized. Set up the nursery at least three months prior to your scheduled delivery date so you can take your time adding items to the space. As you receive baby gifts, take the time to unpack them from gift boxes and put them away. Repurpose some old or scratched CDs to create your own size dividers for the closet similar to the ones in department store. Stock the changing station with plenty of diapers and wipes. If you plan to make your own baby food, you can get started early and preserve.

2. Shop smart. Baby food, formula and diapers are expensive and you will be purchasing these items for quite awhile. Plan ahead by clipping any coupons you find throughout your pregnancy. Watch for sales on baby items, then combine with your coupons to stock up. Instead of buying just newborn diapers, plan ahead and purchase larger sizes when you find them on sale.

3. Plan your hospital stay. Pack a bag a month prior to your due date. Include toiletry items, an outfit for you to wear home and a homecoming outfit for the baby. Tour the hospital maternity ward and ask questions about what to expect, such as how many family members are allowed in the labor and delivery room. If you have elected to have your baby’s cord blood collected, make your preparations for the procedure with the hospital, as well as your obstetrician. Cord blood banking allows families to preserve the stem cell rich umbilical cord blood at a private facility for potential use in a future medical treatment.

4. Install the car seat. Correct installation is critical to a baby seat properly protecting your infant. Install the car seat three weeks prior to the anticipated delivery date. This will prevent a rush job that could occur if you wait until after the baby is born. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers inspection stations to teach you how to properly install a car seat and verify your infant's seat is ready for use.

5. Take some alone time. Enjoy togetherness with your partner, family and friends as you prepare for the arrival of your baby. The coming months will be hectic, exhausting and stressful. Take advantage of the quiet times in the weeks before the birth to enjoy some date nights. Make plans to set aside some alone time on a regular basis after the baby is born.

With a little planning and preparation, you will be able to relax in the days prior to the birth, as well as in the weeks following your newborn's arrival.


This article was written by Katie Moore. Katie is an active writer within the blogging community who discusses maternity, motherhood, prenatal health, childbirth and other topics within this niche.  If you have any questions or would like to connect with Katie please contact by visiting her blog, Moore From Katie or her twitter @moorekm26."


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