Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Secret Recipe for a Successful Child’s Birthday Party

I have a surprise for everyone today…a guest writer!

Please welcome, our first guest writer, Lisa from The Party Works.  Lisa is a mom and guest post writer on the subjects of parenting, child and adolescent behavior, and staying organized in a chaotic, disorganized world.  Lisa's here to spill some secrets on having a successful child's birthday party and I for one can't wait to get in on it so spill away Lisa!

Take care, D.

The Secret Recipe for a Successful Child’s Birthday Party

The cake, pizza, party favors, Mario party supplies, and your child’s birthday present are often just the basic ingredients that go into making a successful child’s birthday party. If you’ve ever thrown a party for your child, you know it’s a lot of work. Planning the party, setting up for the party, and actually hosting the party can be exhausting on top of everything else you have to do as a parent and human being. Here are a few tips to help you ensure that things go smoothly at your child’s next birthday party:

1. Adjust your expectations.
The good news is that most kids aren’t usually picky when it comes to their birthday parties. They usually just want to spend some time with their friends, open their presents, and eat some cake. So, their expectations turn the pressure down a notch. It’s important that you adjust your expectations too. Don’t try to achieve perfection at your child’s party. There are inevitably going to be a few snares. That’s ok. The important thing is that your child and the party guests have a good time and make memories.

2. Remember that less is more when it comes to party guests.  
It’s usually a good idea to keep the list of party guests down to around ten. If you have more than ten party guests, it can be difficult to keep things under control behavior-wise. Inevitably, disagreements are going to arise among the children if the party is large. Ask your child whom they want to invite. Your child will have a better time if just his or her friends are there. And the other kids will have a better time as well.

3. Make sure there’s enough to do.
There’s nothing worse than idle time at a children’s birthday party. So, make sure there’s plenty for them to do. You should probably choose activities for the party ahead of time, and make sure they’re age appropriate. Ask your child what some of their favorite activities and games at school are. This will give you a good idea of what the kids will like to play, so you can plan accordingly.

4. Give your kid a say.
As you’ve probably noticed, your child can actually help you a lot when it comes to throwing a birthday party. Your son or daughter can help you figure out who to invite and help you plan party activities. Don’t be afraid to collaborate with your child as you plan the party. He or she can help you pick out the right party supplies, favors, and snacks. Plus, your child will love having a say in the decision making process when it comes to his or her party.


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