Friday, January 6, 2012

Talking To My Teen About Drugs

I love it when we’re sitting at the kitchen table or in the family room and the TV is off.  Often this is when I get to hear what’s going on in my kids’ lives.  This is when I take the time to listen and perhaps impart a few words of wisdom or share a story from my past to relate, or even just sit and listen.  This is especially important now when C is growing into some more social issues and is more independent.  We don’t sit and do crafts together much anymore, nor do we cuddle on the sofa and tell each other our wishes and dreams.  It’s even difficult sometimes to get her to play games with us.  These chats really don’t happen often enough.  But every now and then... it’s golden.

Last night, the topic that came up was drugs and alcohol.  C swears she does not do drugs nor does she drink alcohol and I believe her.  I do know that as a teen, it does come up in conversation with some of the kids at school, and I really want to keep open communication about it at home.
My extended family has had issues with drugs both in the teen years and in adult years.  Drugs have messed up their lives.  Some of them talk about how much they feel they’ve lost from those years.  How their thinking and speech has suffered even now when they try to use skills or terms they know they’ve learned or experienced but simply can’t recall them.  It has changed their behaviours and impacted their decision-making skills.  Those are the family members who are now clean.  Some still use and some place more importance on their drugs than their family or children.  Some have criminal records.

I don’t want any of that for my children.  I have allowed C to be a part of discussions with some of the recovering addicts so that she can hear some of what they went through and patterns that occurred.  I know that people often feel invincible or that these things won’t happen to them but I hope I got across to her that things become unpredictable when drugs are involved because it alters thought processes and decision-making.
When we had the conversation last night, I am proud of her outlook on drugs and alcohol.  She is noticing things in school with other kids and is not impressed by their behaviours.  I hope that by keeping our communications about these hot topics open I'll be able to spot changes in her outlooks and ideas to pick up on potential issues before they become issues...hopefully.

So far, she doesn’t see it as cool.  That’s cool with me. 

Take Care, D


January 6, 2012 at 12:43 p.m.

Good Work, Momma.

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