Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Countdown Activity Chain

Here’s a twist on an old craft.  Remember those old paper chains we used to make?  You know, the ones where we would cut the paper into strips then tape, glue, and/or staple them into circles linking each together?  Well, what if we put a Christmas activity, joke, or link inside of them and removed one link each day leading up to Christmas?

We’ve been doing this at our house for a couple years now.  Beginning December first the kids would check what fun awaited them while counting down the days until Christmas.  I did number these and place them in order so that we could arrange for more elaborate or late-night activities on non-school nights.  Also, I wanted to coordinate things like Christmas Concerts and other local community activities like our annual Santa Claus Parade.  Most of the activities are things we would do anyway but they seem more special when it comes from the chain.
Some of the activities were links to online games or printouts, a Christmas joke, a movie suggestion, sliding at our favorite hill, cold weather games, something to try that day (example: smile at someone today and notice what happens), or even a fun fact about Christmas or that day in history.  I’ve heard of some people putting a small lesson plan or religious discussion for that particular day on their strip.  You can also make it a math lesson for counting, determining days left, how many links have been removed, etc.
You can make it whatever you like and the kids love making the chain as well as taking it apart one day at a time.  How do you and your family countdown to Christmas?

Take Care, D

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