Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Punch Buggie or Tickle Buggie?

Car rides seem like they must be some kind of torture for kids.  I mean, we strap in these bundles of energy, tell them not to move and to be quiet.  I don’ t know about your kids but that usually doesn’t last until the end of the block.  Any number of complaints begin to surface like “C is being mean.” or “R looked at me.”…need I go on? 

One day while driving down the road we saw a Volkswagen Beetle and I remembered that old game where we (as children) would punch each other and scream the color of the VW Beetle then “Punch Buggie, no returns!”  When I brought that up to the kids, they thought it was silly but C had actually heard of this before.  We began playing the game.  About 10 minutes in, the children started in on the complaining and whining again.  It seems that looking for a vehicle that isn’t very popular in our area gets old very quickly if it isn’t spotted often enough.  I racked my brain for more ways of keeping the kids entertained and would span the age gap between C and R.  That’s when I spotted three mustangs within two blocks of each other.  The light bulb went on!

I talked to the kids about adding some vehicles to our game.  C started giggling and said, what if the Beetles were Tickle Buggies?  She kept giggling, “That’s so fun to say!”  Smiling I said sure.  What about adding sports cars?  “Yeah!” was the response from the back, in stereo by both children.  Finally , success!

So that day we planned out what vehicles we would have an activity for and what that activity is.  The list has been added to and sometimes the additions seem to be getting a little out of hand.  Hubby and I are having trouble keeping up with all the activities.  We also explained to the children that the goal of this game is not to inflict pain on each other but to be the first to spot the specific vehicles so be gentle with each other. 
Some of the vehicles and activities are Tickle Buggies (C’s right it is fun to say), Punch-stangs (Mustangs), Kick Camaro, Double Kick Corvette, Charger Chop, Double Chop Viper, PT Poke (PT Cruiser) and everything had an added activity if the vehicle was a convertible.
 So far, so good.  This has kept my kids busy in the back seat for over a year now.  The kids’ observation skills are boosted a little because everyone always has their eyes out to be the first to spot those vehicles – even if we don’t actually punch or kick each other…most times.

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