Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bored? Look in the Activity Jar!

One summer, when C was about 7 or 8 years old, we suffered through the “I’m bored” issues.  At the time, R was too young to play with and most of her friends were gone for their vacations so that left me to entertain her and I often ran out of ideas.  While browsing the internet I found an idea for a chore jar to get kids to help out around the house with various tasks so that they don’t get stuck doing the same old thing every time.  I thought what a great idea but let’s make an activity jar so when C gets bored, we can simply pull out an activity idea and do that.
C and I found a container and she decorated it while giving me activity ideas.  I also found some other ideas on the internet.  We created a list using a different colored paper for the outdoor activities so that we knew if it was raining not to choose that color.    Then we simply printed, cut, and folded the ideas and placed them in the jar.  This really worked well for us so I thought I’d pass it along.
Some of the activities were craft ideas, writing prompts, baking ideas, places to go (ie. Library, swimming, park, etc.), sports play (ie. Soccer, basketball, etc.), imagination play (ie. Marching band, stuffie parade, doctor’s office, puppet show, etc.), read a book, explore a different country, play a board/card game, scavenger hunt, build a fort, make a paper airplane, try yoga, water gun target practice, hopscotch, backyard safari, make slime, bird watching, fly a kite, and so many more activities.
When we sat down and brainstormed activities, we were shocked and impressed with the number of great ideas we had.  We’ve kept the activity jar and we still use it.  Every now and then I look over the activities and update some of them.  Now R & C can both use the activities and when I hear those words, “I’m bored.”  I simply point to the jar and know that there is bound to be at least one activity to catch their interest...and if not, threatening extra chores always seems to inspire an activity idea.  I know, I'm evil. Muahahahaha.
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