Saturday, 18 June 2011

Time For Kids: Treasure Map

Looking through my Google Reader the other day and saw a treasure map on

I thought, what a fabulous idea!  I am saving this idea for a summer activity.  I’m also thinking of making pirate names for various parts of our backyard or a little nearby park, then actually hiding some treasure (maybe chocolate money or dollar store poker chips) under the X for a little treasure hunt.  Maybe we’ll even make a little neighborhood BBQ out of it and add a scavenger hunt.  Or have the kids make maps for each other to follow.  It would even be a fun camping activity to explore the area.  The possibilities are endless!  Before I get completely carried away, here’s the actual link…

Take Care,
DIY Treasure Map via Lesson Plans by kristenstephens on 6/11/11

The Imagination Tree also includes ideas for games you could play with your very own treasure map!
When I was young, can’t remember what grade, I had to do a project that required ‘old’ paper in which I used tea bags and a match to create that effect.  This Treasure Map project involves some of the same techniques. How fun would it be to make this map for a birthday party of evening family gathering?


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