Monday, June 27, 2011

Book Review: Passion by Lauren Kate

Passion is the third book in the Fallen Series by Lauren Kate.  It is a Young Adult Paranormal Romance which follows Luce Price through her past lives in an attempt to discover why she’s destined to die over and over before she even turns 18.  Published by Random House Children’s Books, the series may be enjoyed by those who read Allyson Noel’s Evermore Series.

There are many similarities between the Fallen series and the Evermore series.  This is especially true in Passion when Luce actually visits past lives similarly to Ever visiting past lives in Summerland.  Admittedly, I had difficulty in the beginning paying attention to the storyline because I was constantly comparing Luce with Ever.  This is quite likely because I read the books back-to-back.  I believe I would have gotten into this book a lot sooner if I had read something completely different between them.  Both stories follow the protagonist who is in love with an immortal of some kind and throughout time, both of them die young only to find their same love in the next life.  Both of them are struggling to find the secret to allow them to finally be with the person they love without the threat of death between them.  The difference is the love interest’s immortality (angel vs. alchemy) and in Passion, we learn that this goes much deeper than simply soul-mates and love across time.  The consequences and actions taken can impact the entire history as well as future of the world and heavens.

Despite the similarities to Evermore, I liked this book because of the quest that Luce was on.  Her travels through her past lives led her through many emotional trials and self-discoveries until ultimately uncovering the truth behind it all.  Although, that truth brings a whole new challenge to be dealt with.  I am eagerly awaiting the next book to see how, or even if, Luce and the gang can get through this new development.

I really enjoyed the puzzle of trying to figure out who Luce’s travelling companion really was and whether he was all that he seemed or if he had an underlying motive behind it all and what that motive might be.  I must admit, his identity was not what I expected and brought a great twist to all the characters’ story.

Ms. Kate did a fantastic job of capturing her intended audience.  She seemed to be channeling the teen I once knew in myself and the way I once would have thought and handled the situations presented (paranormal elements aside-my life was never as exciting as Luce’s).  I know this book would be well-loved by my teen-aged daughter and her friends simply because they could empathize with Luce’s emotional traumas.

I would, and have, recommended this book and series as good reads with a slight warning – do not read this book in conjunction with the Evermore series.  Enjoy immersing yourselves in Luce’s past lives but empathizing may take your emotions with her too.

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