Monday, May 2, 2011

Mom’s Corner: I’m Sorry Mom

Me & My Mom
With Mother’s Day around the corner, I have been thinking about my Mom a lot lately.  She is a spectacular woman and I know I would not be the person I am without her influences throughout my life…even when I was a bratty teen who thought she was soooo mature and knew everything and parents were soooo dumb.  Well I now see the err of my ways.  Becoming a mother and now having a teen-aged daughter enlightens me in ways I never imagined when I was a teenager myself.  I get why I had to call to tell mom where I’d be and why I got grounded for being a smart-mouth and why respect was so important.  I must say, I see myself in my daughter and my mother in myself as I have now begun this phase in my own life.  I hope to parent half as well as my mother did and get through all the parenting phases as well as she has.  I also would like to formally apologize to my Mom for everything I put her through as a child, mostly a teen, because, I get it now.  I love you and thank you for making me, well, me.
Take Care,


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