Monday, May 30, 2011

Mom Purse Must-Haves

Recently I realized my everyday purse had given me a good go for about a year and a half but it was time to retire it.  It had quite a few holes and lost many of the little ornaments that made it look cool…now it just looked ratty.  So C and I went to the store and searched for a great everyday purse.  I don’t usually take the time to accessorize and so I needed a sturdy purse which would go with pretty much anything I wore.  Since I no longer use a diaper bag, it also needed to be large enough to hold all the things a mom would need to take with her.  I also wanted different compartments so that when I get to the checkouts, I don’t need to dig through toys, tissues, and feminine hygiene products to find my wallet.  I set out my requirements and we began our search.  C felt a little hopeless trying to find the right material for a casual purse along with the compartments and colors.  By the third store we were nearly ready to give up when I heard her excitedly shout to me from the next aisle.  We found it!  It was a canvas-type fabric, beige, and had eight compartments varying in size.  Perfect.  When we got home she laughed and taunted at all the things I was dumping out of my old purse to put into my new purse.  “Daddy was right!  You do have everything but the kitchen sink in there!” she giggled.
Yes, yes I do.  I was a Girl Guide and choose to be prepared.  Here are some of the things that are in my purse:  wallet, granola bar, gum, pen, notepad, crayons, playing cards, two cars, kids photo ID with information, wipes, tissues, small first-aid kit, feminine hygiene products, advil, carabineer for shopping bags, sunglasses, small measuring tape, hand sanitizer, halls, and lip balm.
Anything you might add?
Take Care,


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