Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time for Kids: Playing at the Park

This past weekend I took R and a couple of his cousins to the park while their parents were busy working on something that required most of their attention.  While we were at the park we decided to play “Grounders” which is apparently a very popular tag-like game for a playground.  While we were playing we had many other children ask if they could join us.  Within about fifteen minutes we had about eight additional children playing.  It was a blast!
One person was IT and if he/she tagged someone, the tagged person became IT and the tagger became a regular player.  The IT person was only allowed on the ground while the players could run anywhere on the play equipment.  The IT person was only allowed to be on the equipment if his/her eyes were closed and as compensation, if a player was seen on the ground by the IT person he/she could call out “Grounders” and the player would then automatically become IT.
Although the basic rules were the same for all children some of the children from different schools had slightly different rules for handling different situations.  For example, some of the children were telling us that when someone was tagged and the IT was exchanged, the tagger could call, “No Tag Backs” which would allow the person time to get back to the playground and into play without being tagged.  Some of the other children stated that there was automatically a time limit, which was counted out loud by the newly tagged person, for the tagger to get back to the equipment and to have a free pass so to speak.  If he/she wasted that time though, the rules would apply as normal and even be called on with “Grounders”.
I had a fantastic time playing this with the children and even got a little exercise in the process.  The children all dreaded when I was IT as it was a lot easier for me to get them and I was a little craftier than some of the five and six year olds playing with the nine to eleven year olds yet somehow the younger children always seemed to surprise me and tag me easier than the other children were able to.
Have you played a version of this game with your children?  How was your version different?

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Multi-Testing Mommy
May 2, 2011 at 2:32 p.m.

Oh yes, grounders! The kids play that at our park too!

Following u on GFC from the Blog hop :)

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